Fly Catcher Adventure Resort

FLY CATCHER ADVENTURE is lead by team Outdoor Experts and Rafting Guides, mountain guides and wildlife guide in Year 2011. Three Outdoor Experts Mr. ABDULLAH KUTTY, Mr. CHAND KUTTY, Mr. ROHIT SINGH, and team organizer Mr. RAJESH SHET combined together and Formed a wildlife and adventure Company naming it as FLY CATCHER ADVENTURE, consisting of instructors from Nepal, India, UK and others. FLY CATCHER ADVENTURE specializes in white water rafting, Kayaking, canyoning (Rappelling), mountain climbing and mountain biking around the river Kali in western ghat range.

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Adventures Water Sports Dandeli

White Water Rafting

Dandeli is situated on the banks of River Kali with the Western Ghats in Uttara Kannada district. Dandeli is surrounded by very thick forest, which is one of the richest wildlife habitats in the world. Dandeli is very pleasant from October to February.

Coracle Ride

Coracle is a weak boat which was used by fisherman in early day. Earlier days these fisher men used this for fishing and some times to cross the river. Now, seeing the natural beauty of such a thing tourist are attracted to it and want to enjoy riding in a coracle. Though this can carry about 4-5 person at a time, riding in this coracle give a different pleasure for the tourists.


Conquering stark rock faces that loom to formidable heights is not for the weak-hearted. A variant form of rappelling called Canyoning is a rage in the Sathkonda Canyon near Dandeli. In this form of climbing down a steep rock, you also have lots of gushing water for company – yes, you will climb down a waterfall!

Activities In Dandeli

Dandeli is popular destination to enjoy adventure activities. Water Rafting, River Crossing, Kayaking, Water Ball Zorbing, Jacuzzi Bath are the popular adventure activities in Dandeli.

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