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Dandeli Resorts

Dandeli in Karnataka, is known around South India for its wildlife sanctuary that’s home to panthers, tigers, elephants, and more. Someone wanting a rejuvenating stay amidst this wooded wonderlands, can spend a whole day looking for best Dandeli resorts. To ease this process, here’s a list of the best properties around!

Starling River Resort Dandeli

Known as one of the luxury resorts of Dandeli, Starling River Resort is surrounded by pristine beauty. It’s among a few jungle resorts that’s not just comfortable to stay at but also offers a bouquet of experiences to the travellers. For those who’re looking for an adventure jungle stay in Dandeli, this one is the ideal option with all the activities at disposal.

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at Dandeli offers a wide variety of thrilling wildlife & adventure activities. Take a coracle Raft ride and professionally managed white water rafting on the winsome River Kali as you spot a wonderful variety of birdlife during the course of your journey. A jeep safari unfolds the magic of the Indian Jungles as your rove through the rich semi-evergreen forests.

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Century Resort in dandeli offers 17 cottages, 6 maharaja tents, and 4 Swiss in total 27 premium rooms along with in-room dining services and many other fun activities to make your vacation a memorable affair. It is the perfect destination for any nature lovers to explore the frontiers at the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary.

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Nestled in the Western Ghats 6 kms from DANDELI, near Gobral is SHIKRA JUNGLE RESORT an idyllic jungle resort. Sandwiched between tributary of kali at one end and Dandeli – khanapur road at the other end it is surrounded by forest. The resort provides comfortable stay in rooms, deluxe tents and offers varied activities like trekking, Rafting, sightseeing etc at affordable rates. Come and feel the jungle with Team Shikra.

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Hornbill River Resort

Accommodation at the resort is comfortable and merge with the environment and nature around.For a different feel, to stay in the nature’s lap, try our Rock House or Tent house. You will always be welcomed with the exotic view of the river.A fresh morning where the dew on the grass kiss your feet for a shower making you feel more exotic.

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