Starling River Resort Dandeli

Starling River Resort Dandeli

Known as one of the luxury resorts of Dandeli, Starling River Resort is surrounded by pristine beauty. It’s among a few jungle resorts that’s not just comfortable to stay at but also offers a bouquet of experiences to the travellers. For those who’re looking for an adventure jungle stay in Dandeli, this one is the ideal option with all the activities at disposal.

Activities In Dandeli

Dandeli, a nature lover’s delight, also has quite a few exciting activities. These include zip line, bird watching, trekking, rappelling, rafting, camping, kayaking and so forth.


Stargazing at night in the company of your loved ones, experiencing a rendezvous with the enchanting beauty of Dandeli and camping – if these are your ideas of fun, then Dandeli will surely delight you! One of the most exciting things to do for nature lovers is to opt for overnight camping. What is particularly striking about this kind of camping is that unlike any other form of camping, it allows you to stay in a pitching doom. Well-trained professionals will be escorting you to the forest area where you stay.


Make the most of your mornings at Starling River Resort by indulging in a refreshing rendezvous with the flora & fauna of Dandeli. This enriching walk begins each day at 7 am and lasts till about 8:30 am. This guided tour is accompanied not just by activities like bird watching, but also by an informative session whereby knowledge about the region’s biodiversity is shared with the guests.

Our Rooms

Comprising of an enchanting fusion of comfort and luxury, Starling River Resort features an inventory of rooms, suites, cottages and tents. Tasteful interiors, comfortable linens, warm lighting and trendy upholstery adorn the room.

River View Rooms

Featuring a comfortable French bed, customized furniture and original red oak floors, these tasteful rooms offer enchanting views of the Dandeli River. Guests can also enjoy a chilled glass of champagne while being comfortably seated in their air-conditioned rooms.

River View Dormitory

Having attached washrooms, the Dormitories of our hotel are furnished with folding beds and uninterrupted power supply. Suitable to accommodate a gathering of around 10 guests, the Dormitories also feature a chic living room.

River View Safari Tents

Originally designed to accommodate high ranked aristocrats, these tents are now preferred for camping. Featuring a master bedroom, a courtyard and a bathroom with Jacuzzi, these spacious tents offer a pleasing view of the lush green surrounding areas.

Luxury Cottage

Warm and welcoming, these spacious cottages overlook the river. Having a blend of classic and contemporary design elements, these cottages feature a furnished living room, a bed room, a balcony and lawn sit-out.

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Experience the fun and thrill as you try river rafting and raft through the currents. Enjoy kayaking and coracle boat ride in the crystal clear waters. Delight in a quick bath while exploring the natural Jacuzzi in the river Kali.

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